Reasons Schools Need
Texoma Pest Management

School districts make their foremost aim to ensure children in the region receive the best possible education. Schools must comply with some ancillary obligations, one of which is effective pest management. Infestations of any kind compromise the health and safety of the students and the staff.  Schools can ill-afford such an issue.

Texoma Pest Management can help with infestations. Located in Wichita Falls, Texas, our pest management experts serve school districts in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Why would your school need our services?

Five Reasons Schools Need Us

  • Our pest management professionals use their experience to keep our track record of 100% elimination. We have the tools and expertise required for thorough and effective treatment. We get the job done as quickly and proficiently as possible.
  • As mentioned above, an infestation puts the safety of your students and staff at risk. If you keep your premises clean and sanitary, then you may still have a problem.  We check every nook and cranny to make sure we properly address the dilemma.
  • Our process includes inspecting and investigating the entire premises before we bring in any equipment. Spraying is not our initial action when you contact us for pest management services.  We inform you of all potential and existing infestations, even if it doesn’t require our involvement. For instance, thorough cleaning takes care of most pests. If the school needs treatment, then we take on the task with the equipment needed for the job.
  • Schools educate, and as a large part of the community, maintain responsibility for students and teachers. Texoma Pest Management helps you achieve 100% community satisfaction by clearing your premises of any and all kinds of pests. The state requires pest inspections for every school.  This maintains a healthy, safe atmosphere.
  • Last, but not least, we offer cost-effective services. If you want the best results for everyone, then you need our proactive approach to pest control. You save money in future pest control services as well.

If your school is looking for effective pest management, then look no further than Texoma Pest Management. We do the job for you, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!