Get Rid of Them

Reading about cockroaches brings out the same emotions as seeing them scurry across your floor. These disgusting little creatures carry significant health risks just by being in the same room with them. Cockroaches emanate a terrible odor. The health risks include respiratory problems such as asthma and gastrointestinal problems. Texoma Pest Management eliminates them, whether they thrive in an industrial, commercial, health care, or academic setting.

Texoma Pest Management trains experts to treat cockroach infestations safely. Some traditional methods of eliminating cockroaches cause worse health risks than the cockroaches.   Therefore, we use direct methods of elimination as our approach.  We get rid of your pests while you and your family remain safe.

Our protocol begins with a formal assessment of your pest problem and discovery their entry.  Next we offer an implementation plan detailing our suggested methods of treatment.  After you select the treatment, we put the plan into action.  Lastly, we propose a maintenance plan to keep your business a pest-free zone. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate your pests and help you stay safe from health risks.

Our Process

We follow a simple step-by-step process



Our first step is a fully detailed assessment.  This includes information such as the size of the infestation and how they get into your building.  We find the places they live and discover the reasons they thrive in your building.  We present the information in a way you can understand.


The Implementation Plan details our proposed pest management activities.  We include several methods for eliminating cockroaches.  If we use chemicals, then we only use environmentally responsible materials which qualify as safe for humans. The detailed plan defines our procedures, and includes a schedule and safety data sheets for chemicals.  We even introduce our personnel and list their qualifications.


Our company considers prevention of further cockroach infestations a very important step.  To reach this goal, we suggest a Maintenance Plan for due diligence.  We schedule a time as often as you like to check for signs of continued or new cockroach infestations. We aim to work with you to keep your business safe from pests.

Texoma Pest Management understands the need for rapid and safe treatment. Our service begins with a formal Assessment, upon which to build our Implementation Plan.  We follow with our Monitoring Plan to ensure the cockroaches do not return.   If you have a pest infestation of any kind, then give Texoma Pest Management a call at 940-867-3509 or feel free to email us at,