Ruining Business

A housefly lands on a desk.  Everyone believes that its death-by-flyswatter brings an end to the problems it causes.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The seven species of flies all carry diseases such as typhoid fever, dysentery, and diarrhea. The health risks from the larvae and maggots supply ample reasons for their control.

The experts at Texoma Pest Management understand the potential health risks flies cause at your business. We know their life cycles and where they like to hide. We understand about flies and how to control them. If you don’t want flies to ruin your business, then let us build a management plan to stop them.  Our company provides an assessment, an implementation plan, and a maintenance plan.  We build the entire process specifically for your business.

Our Process

We AIM to control the flies by a simple step-by-step process:



Our pest management team takes the first step toward solving your problem by understanding your infestation. Flies, their larvae, and their maggots hide in obscure places.  Each part of the life cycle requires different living conditions depending on whether it’s winter or summer. Texoma Pest Management implements a full physical inspection inside and outside your business. We provide an easy-to-read assessment and explain it until you thoroughly understand.


Our team then offers a detailed, written description of your choices for terminating the infestation.  We include details of our work schedule, the qualifications, and the names of our personnel.  You also get the safety information about any chemicals we may use.


After we eliminate your infestation, Texoma Pest Management offers several proposals to keep all pests from returning.  The best prevention is maintenance.  You choose when and how often, we keep your property pest-free.  Effective monitoring, controls the problems flies cause and eliminates them permanently.

If you want flies eliminated from your business, then call Texoma Pest Management.  Our experts eliminate fly infestations.  Please, give us a call at 940-867-3509 or email us at TexomaPestManagement@yahoo.com.