Bed Bugs
They Bite!

You may warmly remember your parents saying, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”   That childhood endearment survived to become a reality. Any place you lay your head down faces the threat of bed bug infestations.  This worrisome pest troubles and attacks area hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Bed Bugs Infest Everywhere

Commercial facilities report huge increases in bed bug infestations.  Texas ranks number seven in the nation of these attacks.  Just a few years ago, Texas ranked number 50.  What a horrible problem for any public facility!  No better way to frighten away customers exists.

Texoma Pest Management maintains experts on staff to identify bed bugs. We eradicate any bed bug problem.  If we find bed bugs, then we eliminate them. With our monitoring and prevention program, we keep them away.

These horrible pests cause problems no matter where they’re found.  Texoma Pest Management wants to earn your trust.  To do so, we work diligently and professionally to eliminate your bed bug problem.  Just call us.

Our technicians build an integrated pest program specifically suited to manage your bed bug problem. The program includes an assessment addressing the nature and extent of your bed bug problem. It includes an implementation plan describing how we plan to eradicate the bed bugs.  Finally, we offer a monitoring plan to ensure proper prevention to keep the bed bugs away.

Our Process

We follow a simple step-by-step process.



Our specialized team assesses your bed bug problem. They perform a thorough inspection and search for ways the bugs may have entered your facility. Surprisingly, bed bugs hide behind pictures or in couches or closets.  They even ride in on luggage.  Our team shows you their findings in a comprehensive report.


Texoma Pest Management develops a detailed plan describing several choices to eliminate the bed bugs from your facility. The plan includes the use of insecticides as well as other forms of elimination. It describes the treatments we propose, the safety measures involved, and the qualifications of the personnel conducting the work.  We don’t start until you approve the treatment.


Following the treatment, Texoma Pest Management proposes on-going maintenance for your facility.  We ensure you won’t face another infestation.  If the bed bugs reappear, then we catch them before they become an infestation again.  You won’t be bothered by bed bugs again.



As experts, we handle all types of infestations.  We commit to taking care of what is most important to you.  Call us today at 940-867-3509 or send us an email at