Property Destruction

Texas possesses five major, destructive termite species.  In order to develop an appropriate pest control program, identifying the species is critical.  Each species dictates its own treatment regimens when it comes to pest control.  This is due to their unique social organizations, behavioral aspects, biology, and life cycles.

Texoma Pest Management consists of experts who understand the termites of Texas. We also understand that most buildings contain wood, a termite’s bread-and-butter.  Our staff inspects businesses such as commercial, industrial, health care, and academic facilities.  We make pest management our goal.

Our Process

Our AIM includes:



Texoma Pest Management understands the importance of correctly identifying the termites attacking your facility. Each species of termite, with its unique characteristics, reacts differently to specific treatment routines. Therefore, a thorough Assessment of the problem leads to accurate identification.  Then, we discuss the report with you in full detail.


After the assessment, Texoma Pest Management proposes an Implementation Plan. The plan addresses treatments, scheduling, personnel and their qualifications, and protection measures. We also provide full documentation about any proposed chemical treatments.  Our team focuses on eradication and prevention of the infestation. 



Maintaining a pest-free facility keeps you and anyone involved in your business happy.  So, Texoma Pest Management offers a plan to monitor your facility on a regular basis.  We work diligently to keep the termites away.

Texoma Pest Management

Five major species of termites cause millions of dollars of damage each year in Texas. An effective treatment plan requires specialized training because of the unique characteristics of each species.  Texoma Pest Management maintains the expert staff you need to rid you of your termite infestation.  We treat pests in commercial, industrial, health care, and academic facilities.

Texoma Pest Management stands up to the challenge of eliminating termite infestations.  If you need pests removed safely from your facility, then give us a call at 940-867-3509 or email us at TexomaPestManagement@yahoo.com.