Destructive Pest

Texas boasts the crazy ant, the fire ant, and multiple other species of ants. Some are terribly destructive.  They cause millions of dollars in damages each year in commercial, industrial, health care, and academic settings. Some, because they’re natural predators, take a trained professional to determine an effective treatment plan. If elimination is your goal, then experts at Texoma Pest Management can help.

Texoma Pest Management understands the taxonomy of ants, their life cycles, and their natural habitats. Most of the destructive ant species react differently to chemicals. Bait traps are unsuccessful at eliminating these ants. Therefore, to control ant populations, one needs specialized knowledge and understanding. The experts at Texoma Pest Management know how to eliminate and control ant infestations.

If you need an ant infestation eliminated from your home or business, then call Texoma Pest Management.  Our effective, integrated pest management program includes an Assessment Plan, an Implementation Plan, and an ongoing Monitoring Plan.  In short, we help you manage your ant infestations.

Our Process

We follow a simple step-by-step process



It’s very important to know whether you’re dealing with “good” ants or “bad” ants.  If you eliminate the good ants, then the bad ants multiply, causing more damage.  Our taxonomy experts understand ants’ life cycles and the natural interactions between species.  First, we inspect your property to provide information for developing an effective treatment plan.


The Implementation Plan we propose provides details about different treatments, including data safety sheets about the proposed products.  We also provide scheduling choices and introductions to our personnel and their qualifications.  The technician initiates the treatment plan of your choice and reports any further findings.


The best way to keep ants from infesting again includes an on-going maintenance plan to monitor the pests.  Ants almost always attempt to return.  Therefore, the best way to manage them is with an on-going plan.  Our Monitoring Plan offers continuous inspections to keep your property pest-free.

Ant infestations are serious because they destroy property within a commercial, industrial, health care, or academic setting.   They are very challenging to deal with, but Texoma Pest Management has the expertise to eliminate ant infestations. Please give us a call at 940-867-3509 or feel free to email us at,