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Welcome to Texoma Pest Management’s Website. Texoma Pest Management wants to be your pest control service of choice. We provide professional, fast, and efficient pest control services. Our highly trained team of pest control experts services residential and commercial buildings.  We guarantee to always get the job done right. Therefore, if you need help with an infestation, then give Texoma Pest Management a call.

Our Library of Pests

As part of our service to you, we present “Our Library of Pests”, which you can access at your convenience. Please feel free to browse our Pest Library. Start here when you have any questions about some of the creepy crawlies you may find in your building.

It provides summaries of some of the more common and potentially destructive pests we find in Texas. Our Library of Pests presently includes information about ants, rodents, termites, flies, cockroaches, and bedbugs. Texoma Pest Management is the expert in eliminating those pests.

We think we know most of the pests we face in Texas.  However, did you know we have five different species of ants? Some offer great services to us, but others are extremely destructive.   To understand the potential problems a pest can cause, they must first be correctly identified.

Begin your search in the Pest Library.  Then call Texoma Pest Management to manage your infestation.  We AIM to rid your business or residence of unwanted pests.  First, we assess (A) the extent of your problem.  Next, we offer an implementation (I) plan to get rid of the pests.   Finally, you choose a plan to continue maintaining a pest-free space.

Texoma Pest Management

We hope you find the information in our Pest Library useful. With our commitment to quality service in pest management, we can be your pest control company of choice.

If you need help with a pest infestation of any kind, give Texoma Pest Management a call at 940-867-3509.  Please feel free to email us at   We respond quickly to your pest control needs!