Rats, Mice, and Pest

If you see a rat, mouse, or other rodents around your business, then the hair on the back of your neck stands on end.  The feeling of concern overwhelms you.  They potentially affect your customers and employees.  These filthy pests contaminate food, carry diseases, and wreak havoc in general.

Rats and mice, part of the rodent family, invade your business.  They cause significant damage, as well as, potentially spreading disease to your customers and employees. Other rodents that cause the same problems include squirrels, raccoons, possums, and skunks.

Never ignore the signs of these animals. Texoma Pest Management understands rodents, their behavior.  We provide a team of specialists who remove infestations from your business.  They begin with a detailed assessment of your premises, followed by an action plan for your approval. Next, the team offers a proposal for on-going maintenance.  We make it our goal to protect your business, customers, and employees.

Our Process

Our AIM includes:



These nocturnal creatures find dark, warm places in your business to sleep.  Therefore, our first step assesses the magnitude of the problem with a thorough inspection.  We look for nests, entry points, signs of damage, and quantity of droppings.  Our easy-to-understand Assessment provides the necessary information to develop a plan of action.


From the assessment, Texoma Pest Management provides a comprehensive Implementation plan for your approval. This tailor-made plan includes exposure requirements.  We list removal methods, requirements to block entry points, and sanitation and sterilization needs.  We introduce you to the staff providing the treatments, too.



Rodents always seek ways to return to favorite resting places.  Therefore, a Maintenance plan offers a way to keep the little rascals from returning.  Texoma Pest Management offers monitoring services.  If you like preventative maintenance, then choose when we return.

Texoma Pest Management

The experts at Texoma Pest Management appreciate your concerns about rodents in your business. If you want to keep your business safe for your customers and employees, then try our AIM Plan.  We AIM (Assess, Implement, and Maintain) to please.

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