Aftermath of a Termite Infestation


Without sugar-coating the issue, the aftermath of a termite infestation spells disaster.  Don’t let a termite infestation destroy your home or building and financially wipe you out.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies don’t include termite infestations as part of their building coverage.  Read the fine print. You’ll probably discover termite damage classed as a natural disaster.  That means no coverage.

Description of an Infestation

Kevin Brasket has been helping home and building owners battle termite infestations in the Texoma area for more than twenty years.  He says, “The damage from a termite infestation can be disastrous. In some cases, the owners call us too late.  We’ve seen whole buildings destroyed.”  Kevin outlined some of the damage he has seen from termite attacks:

  • On roof stringers and sub-roofing material.  Termites get into your warm attic and chew until the damage shows, or you discover them.  Once they attack, if you see the damage, you’re too late.  The worst case scenario becomes replacement of your whole roof.
  • Attacks in the walls.  Termites hide in your walls and begin chewing.  Protected on the inside by finishing materials and the outside by a home finish, they begin their work.  They chew on wall studs and support beams and leave rotted-looking wood product behind.
  • Flooring destruction.  Termites find hardwood flooring and sub-flooring particularly inviting.  The damage goes unnoticed until it is considerable.  You may see swelling of the flooring or piles that appear to be sawdust.  At this point, replacement would be your only option.
  • The basement and floor joists.  Termites enjoy the floor joists and the dark, damp areas of a basement or crawl space.  If you discover the attack too late, then they destroy the entire foundation of the building.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of a termite attack results in severe, structural damage and costly repairs to your home or building.  In the Texoma area, call the termite and pest management specialists, Texoma Pest Management.  A highly qualified team of pest management and eradication experts fight termite attacks and other pests.

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