AIM to Keep Pests Away

Business owners were asked this question, “Why do you think pests attack your business?”  Most of them answered that poor levels of sanitation and hygiene offers the perfect breeding ground for all pests.  None of them realized that pests may be transported into the cleanest locations and thrive there.  For that reason pest-related problems often affect the best hotels and cleanest offices. Bugs, roaches, and rodents find it easy to discover an avenue into your premises and make their home.

Choose the Best

If you give pests what they want, then you aren’t controlling your infestation. Choose the professionals at Texoma Pest Management for all your pest control needs.  Helping businesses of all types for over 15 years, Texoma Pest Management controls active infestations and prevents future invasions. Their trained technicians inspect your premises completely, checking every nook and cranny for signs of infestation.


They use a three step process with the acronym AIM to rid your premises of unwanted pests. First, they Assess your situation and determine your specific needs. This critical step determines the entire treatment process. A proactive approach to pest control depends on a thorough inspection.

After creating your personalized treatment plan, they Implement it with the latest and most effective treatments available. Spraying and setting bait traps rarely removes an infestation. For example, wasps and fleas are easily eliminated but other pests, like honey bees and roaches, are particularly difficult to remove.
Follow-up Monitoring of your premises after the initial treatment ensures no repeat infiltrations. With constant monitoring and maintenance, your business remains pest free, guaranteed.

Texoma Pest Management

Texoma Pest Management provides this professional guarantee because each member of their team undergoes weeks of training. They continue learning through education classes provided by state and private instructors. Everyone at Texoma Pest Management receives the latest and most up-to-date training available to effectively manage your pest control needs.

If your business has been infiltrated by any pest, call Texoma Pest Management at 940-867-3509.