Bedbugs, An On-Going Issue


Where did Those Bedbugs Come from?

If you look at the website, Bedbug Reports, then you find a list of hotels to stay away from in Wichita Falls, Texas.  A number of hotels reported bed bugs in the past.  It appears to be an ever-growing problem for everyone.

Bedbugs hide in the most unusual places, not just beds or chairs.  They attack at night with a painful bite.  You may discover them in hotels, restaurants, and movie theaters. Schools, government buildings, and even homes harbor bedbugs.

As You Sleep

As you sleep, you become a bedbug magnet.  They crawl on any surface seeking their one objective, your blood.   Most people think these bugs only hide in the crevices of a mattress.  However, during the day, bedbugs hide under carpets, behind grandmother’s painting, on chair legs, and even behind electrical plates.

 How Do Bedbugs Travel?

If you want a difficult task, then try tracking bedbugs. Children carry them in on their backpacks.  They ride the family pet and travel on coats and purses. One of a bedbugs favorite modes of travel appears to be luggage.  Once they invade, you need to know what to do about bedbugs.


DIY bedbug removal programs might work, but with no guarantees.  Consider professional help to rid yourself of these blood suckers.  Between the two choices, a professional offers the best advice and treatment.  Check for the amount of experience, too.

Texoma Pest Management

Texoma Pest Management offers a great program and over 15 years of experience. They provide a three-phase approach for pest management, including:

  1. A professional evaluation of the infestation including a full range of causal factors and best solutions.
  2. A written, integrated management plan, including all actions, equipment, and pesticides to attack your bedbug infestation.  Accordingly, the plan outlines safety issues and personal safety.
  3. A proposal for on-going management to ensure the infestation doesn’t come back.

Texoma Pest Management commits to protect your business, industrial or government establishment from bedbug or other pest attacks.  Click Here for their full range of provided services.  Texoma Pest Management implements an excellent bedbug removal program and addresses your specific problem.

 Call Texoma Pest Management at 940-867-3509, the best pest control company in Wichita Falls, Texas.