Conehead Termites

Termites Nasutitermes corniger

Conehead Termites, Nasutitermes corniger, entered the United States in 2001, but don’t let its cone head fool you.  Colonies become large and very invasive in just a few years.  If the colony becomes over-crowded, then, like bees and other insects, new queens swarm and fly away to form new colonies.

The Conehead soldier termite, marked by its dark, cone-shaped head, comprises about 30% of a colony.  Compared to 1% to 2% soldiers in subterranean and dry wood termite colonies, their numbers cause significantly more damage.  Conehead termites eat any wood-based material containing cellulose. They consume trees, posts, structural lumber in your home or building, and even paper.

Home Sweet Home

Conehead termites, like subterranean species, construct mud tunnels for concealed movement from the colony.  The tunnels distinguish themselves as much wider and extensive than subterranean termites’ tunnels.  Their colony nests, when found in trees, appear as oval-shaped balls, resembling giant bees’ nests.  However, they typically construct their nests in the open.

Spotting Conehead Termites

Their dark, cone-shaped head makes them easily identifiable.  Large infestations of Conehead Termites usually build their nests above ground.  An extensive system of tunnels for traveling between the colony and foraging areas characterizes their nests.

Texoma Pest Management

To learn more about Conehead Termites in the Texoma area, contact Texoma Pest Management.    They also provide an assessment of your potential pest issues, recommend a treatment, and offer a management plan.

In the meantime, Kevin Brasket of Texoma Pest Management offers a few strategies to keep pests away:

  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed at least three feet away from your building.
  • Never use mulch around the foundation of your building.
  • Keep firewood, scrap lumber, cardboard, and cellulose-based materials as far from your buildings as possible.
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean and working properly to direct water away from your building.

Texoma Pest Management has provided professional pest management services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients for more than twenty years.  They AIM keep your home, building, or facility free of termites and other pests.

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