Damage Termites Cause


Most clients ask the same question after discovering termites in their home.  “How long do I have to treat for termites?”  Most chemical treatments last up to five years, however!!!  If you want to guarantee termites are no longer active, then consider a termite inspection at least once per year.

Voracious termites cause billions of dollars in damage throughout Texas and the rest of the United States.  Texoma Pest Management recommends a yearly inspection of your commercial, government, or residential buildings.

Damage Termites Cause

Termites attack any item made of wood.  Their attack literally causes your building to fall apart around you.  Repairs from their work run into extreme expensive.

A colony of termites usually houses more than sixty thousand termites.  Depending upon the species of termite, they possibly eat more than one cubic foot of wood per month.  They also destroy your yard or foundation with their tunneling activity.

Oh, The Places They Will Go!

Termites attack a variety of places within buildings.  They may destroy such places as:

  • Flooring—Termites attack the underside of laminate and your subflooring.  Their damage typically looks like water damage.  However, an inspection discovers they’re tunneling under the cover flooring.
  • Ceilings—Termites eat a variety of cellulose material.  Many ceiling materials contain cellulose.  Termite activity on a ceiling causes sagging and, eventually, collapse of the ceiling.
  • Building Foundations—Discovering termites in the foundation is difficult for the average consumer.  For that reason, when they attack foundations, the resulting consequences are severe and devastating.
  • Wall Damage—Termites rapidly consume plywood and particle board.  Walls provide one of the largest exposed surfaces for termite feasts.  They’re also difficult to find in enclosed areas.

Is Help Available?

Termite damage, while not uncommon, can be prevented.  Texoma Pest Management, serving Wichita Falls and the Texoma area, offers a few suggestions.  Have a termite inspection yearly, pay attention to sawdust in odd places, and look for signs of tunneling activity.

The best prevention, however, is a call to Texoma Pest Management.  They offer a three-step program to eradicate and control termites and pests.  They AIM to please with an assessment, implementation, and maintenance plan to fit your budget.

IF you need to secure your home or building from termites or other pests, then call Texoma Pest Management at 940-867-3509.