Do You Have a Spider Infestation?


A Spider Infestation!

Sitting on the porch one cool evening, I suddenly felt a quick, subtle movement on my head.  I brushed at it, only to discover a spider in my hair.  After a spot investigation, I found a spider invasion.  Hundreds of the little creepy arachnids scurried all around the porch.  That could only mean my home was privy to a spider infestation.

What Causes an Infestation?

The arrival of fall invites spider infestations.  As the weather cools, male spiders migrate to warm homes in search of mates.  You find them crawling on the ceiling, along baseboards, or even in your bed.

What Can You Do?

To keep spiders in check, Texoma Pest Management, a premier pest management company in Wichita Falls, Texas, provides these suggestions:

  1. Maintain a Neat and Tidy Building  Clutter and other pests attract spiders.  De-cluttering, cleaning, and vacuuming often keeps spiders in check.
  2. Seal Cracks  Seal cracks in walls and foundation of your home or building.  This reduces opportunities for spider infestations and reduces heat costs.
  3. Clear the Building Perimeter  Shrubs, rocks, and woodpiles attract spiders. Vegetation next to your home or building provides hiding places.  Eventually, the spiders move indoors to keep warm.
  4. Turn Off Outdoor Lights  Outdoor lights attract the insects as prey.  If you keep the lights off, then insects aren’t drawn to your building. Therefore, spiders aren’t drawn there.
  5. Use Organic Sprays  Spiders don’t like peppermint, citrus, or eucalyptus oil.  Give them a try to keep spiders at bay.

When Nothing Helps

If you discover an infestation, then call the local experts in pest control. Texoma Pest Management finds and destroys the spider infestation. They always identify the problem, propose treatments, and offer effective preventative maintenance.

Just a phone call away, Texoma Pest Management provides efficient, professional pest management services.  Professional help and satisfaction encompasses Wichita Falls and the surrounding area.

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