Do You Know Where to Look for Pests?


We lived a long way from Texas, but pests are the same everywhere.  However, Texas seems to make them bigger and more extensive.  Rats, fire ants, caterpillars, termites, and mosquitoes make up just some of the cornucopia of pests found in Texas.

When to Look

To keep your home safe and clear , a quarterly schedule should be kept to look for signs of  infestations.  Pests move in quickly.  If you catch them before their infestation grows, then you’ll find them easier and less costly to control.

Where to Look

Ingenious pests sneak into your home with little or no signs.  If you just take a cursory look, then you could well miss their unmistakable signs.  However, you need to know what to look at specifically.  Here is a list of ideas for searching possible infestations:

  • Behind Furniture

A stove, a refrigerator, a pile of boxes, or a cabinet could hide them.  Mice and rats squeeze through holes as small as their noses.  There could be an access hole in your wall behind any piece of furniture.

  • Walls, Ceiling, and Attic

Most pests hide in walls, ceilings, and attics.  Look carefully for new holes, sawdust, or small out-of-place articles.  Listen at night, and you may be able to hear them in your walls.  Wear protective clothing and a mask in confined spaces.  Some of them seriously affect your health.

  • Lawn and Grounds

Walk the yard and look for holes that should not be there.  Holes and dirt mounds could be from rodents, fire ants, or other pests.

  • Home Foundation

Look for cracks in the cement or sawdust that should not be around your building.  Crawling or flying pests only need a minuscule crack to enter your home or building.

  • Windows and Doors

Cracks around doors and windows are perfect entries  into your home or building.

  • Roof

Pests live under shingles.  Larger pests crawl on a roof searching for the perfect entry point.

Call Experts

In the Wichita Falls, Texas and Texoma areas, call the experts in pest management who have been eradicating infestations for more than 20 years.  Texoma Pest Management AIMs to please with their program.  They Assess, Implement, and Manage your pest issues.

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