Don’t Think Bugs Sleep in the Winter!


bed-bug-clip-artDo you need pest control for bed bugs or cockroaches? Here you probably thought, “Thank goodness winter is coming. We can all get a rest from those creepy, crawly creatures.”

Think once; think twice. In Texoma bugs don’t sleep in winter. Without proper pest control, the bugs will win from one day to the next.

What Do We See for Bugs and Rodents this Winter

“In the Wichita Falls and Texoma area, our exterminator business will be as busy as ever,” said Kevin Brasket. Kevin is the President of Texoma Pest Management Ltd. serving the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma areas. Brasket continued, “It’s not surprising to hear our customer say, “My goodness! Where did all those bugs and rodents come from?” We remind them that Texoma Pest Management is the pest control business who makes a difference.”

With the warm weather these past summers and the lazy, warm fall days, the bugs haven’t been killed off. Brasket said, “Be prepared for the bugs, mice, cockroaches, and rats. Texoma Pest Management wants to be your bug exterminator. We’re licensed and more than qualified to handle anything the little monsters throw at you.”

The National Pest Management Association

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is centered out of Fairfax, Virginia. Each year they publish a Bug Barometer which is an indication of what will happen with bug and rodent infestations all across the United States. For the Wichita Falls and Texoma areas, the NPMA predicts a significant increase in termites, mice, and rats. Kevin Brasket says, “Don’t expect any rest from the fire ants, mosquitos, or spider and scorpion infestations.”

Brasket continued, “They’re all going to “wallop” us this winter. We’re ready, willing, and able at Texoma Pest Management. Our team is courteous, and we offer a rapid-response, 24/7 service.”

Get Ready! Don’t Wait!

Texoma Pest Manage recommends that you don’t wait to give them a call. There are treatments that can be done around any home or business to keep the creepy-crawlies and rodents at bay. Remember, there’s nothing worse for any business than for a client to see a rodent or cockroach scurrying across the floor. Even worse would be having a child bitten by a cornered rat.

Don’t delay. Call Texoma Pest Management today. They can winterize your home or business to keep the creepy-crawlies and the rodents at bay.

What Makes Texoma Pest Management Different?

Anyone in the bug exterminator business will say, “Pick me!” But Texoma Pest Management is different. Their service is different, and the treatment is always completed correctly. There’s no question they’ll get rid of the bugs for you.

Kevin Brasket started out with a fascination for bugs and rodents at a young age. He’d hunt bugs and watch them live. He said, “It wasn’t about killing the bugs and animals. I wanted to learn all about them.”

Kevin quickly learned the life-cycle habits of most of the bugs and rodents an exterminator may find in the Texoma area today. His life-long journey of learning about insects and rodents continues today. He and his Texoma team live, breath, and sweep the bugs and rodents away.

To Kevin Brasket and his team, being bug and rodent exterminators is more than a job. It’s a passion built over years of experience, on the job training, and schooling. Kevin said, “Every one of our team members brings a particular expertise. We’ll prove you made the right decision hiring Texoma Pest Management as your bug and rodent exterminator of choice.


The bugs and rodents are coming this winter to the Texoma area encompassing Wichita Falls, Northern Texas, and Southern Oklahoma. Don’t delay preparing for winter. Call Texoma Pest Management, Ltd. at 940-867-3509. Hire them as your pest exterminator of choice.

Call before it’s too late. The bugs and rodents may be just outside your door.