Fire Ants, a huge problem in Wichita Falls!

Get Rid of Fire Ants

The Fire Ant Invasion!

Sounds like a corny 1950’s B movie, doesn’t it?  Well, here are the facts; Red Fire Ants hit the shores of the United States in the 1930’s. They have no natural predators in the USA and moving north from the Gulf of Mexico, now inhabit about 75% of Texas. They are having the time of their lives and are a serious pest control problem in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Fire ants are extremely aggressive, and if provoked, will swarm and attack. Their bite and sting are very painful, and in some cases, may result in an allergic reaction that can become fatal.

Fire ants are a serious pest control problem in Wichita Falls, Texas and are very difficult to kill. Their bite is dangerous.  They can switch from being carnivores to herbivores with ease. They are prolific breeders and their colonies expand quickly, reaching up to 200,000 ants, at which time some ants, with a new queen, fly off to start the colony building process again.

The Discovery

A client’s child comes running into your office in extreme agony. You see the red devils attached to the skin and the blisters appearing from the bites. Immediate action soothes some of the pain, and as the emergency settles down, you head outside to find the home of the fire ants, embarrassed and a bit worried about a potential lawsuit.

Approaching cautiously, you see the anthill swarming with red fire ants. You wonder where they came from, as there was nothing there yesterday.

Heading back to the office, you know you must get rid of the fire ants. The best way to do that is by calling in the experts in pest control in Wichita Falls, Texoma Pest Management. You have used their services before when you had to rid your building of some nasty rodents.  You consider them the best for pest control in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Getting rid of the Ants!

The reality is that there is a large variety of ways to get rid of the ants.  From store bought baits and insecticides to calling in a professional exterminator.  We recommend a professional because of the risk involved in self treatment.  Many pesticides are harmful to humans if used improperly.  A trained professional will know the risk and how to use an insecticide appropriately.  Did you know that fire ant mounds don’t have a typical “hole” in the top?  Worker and soldier ants enter and exit the hive from underground tunnels that may be several feet from the mound.  A fire ant nest can extend several feet underground, so treating the mound may not kill the ants.  These are things  professional exterminators will know, so that a single treatment controls your ant problem.

Call Texoma Pest Management

Texoma Pest Management is the premier company for pest control in Wichita Falls, Texas. Give them a call at 940-867-3509, to deal with your fire ant infestation. They understand the taxonomy of the ants and the particular pest control requirements needed to eliminate the ants from your building.

After giving Texoma Pest Management a call, they arrive quickly and review the ant location. They present their 3-point plan, which includes:

  • An Assessment Investigation of the situation outlining the extent of the problem and the risks.


  • An Implementation Plan for dealing with fire ants. They present the Plan for your approval including the details of treatments and scheduling, personnel and their qualifications, and data safety sheets for the chemical products they plan to use.


  • A Maintenance Plan for protecting your facility in the future. You can now be active in the prevention of attacks with an ongoing Maintenance Plan delivered by Texoma Pest Management.


Eliminating the Fire Ants

Texoma Pest Management goes to work and removes the fire ants. You are now safe from the ants and secure in the fact that there is an ongoing pest control plan with Texoma Pest Management. This includes their professional staff coming to investigate for any pest infestations and blocking any potential entry points to keep the pests out.

Call Texoma Pest Management

Call Texoma Pest Management at 940-867-3509 for pest control in Wichita Falls, Texas. You will be extremely happy when you do. They have the professional staff and the experience to deal effectively with red ant exterminations or any pest control problem in Wichita Falls, Texas