Flea Infestation in Wichita Falls


Fleas in Everyone’s Business

A very wise business owner did the right thing with their flea infestation.  Every business should know by now that Wichita Falls, Texas suffers from a flea infestation.  Each business may make one of two choices, ignore the problem or call an expert team such as Texoma Pest Management for help.

The Flea Infestation

Our weather created the right conditions for flea infestation.  Fleas live anywhere, dining on blood, and carrying disease. Their reproduction depends upon them finding a blood donor, therefore they attack any creature with blood.

The Story about the Business

My wife and I visited a local business one evening for a quiet, peaceful visit in Wichita Falls, Texas.  As we chatted, my wife began to scratch and claw at her legs, and later, the scratching reached my legs.  As the feeling became progressively worse, we decided to leave.

At home, we discovered multiple flea bites on our legs. The owner of the business was completely shocked when I called to discuss the matter.  His apologies were occasionally mixed with exclamations about not knowing what to do, so I suggested he call Texoma Pest Management.

Texoma Pest Management

Texoma Pest Management provides unsurpassed pest management services for more than fifteen years.  Their full range of services eliminates any pest problems in your business, including flea infestation.

Texoma Pest Management provides a three-phased approach to pest management including:

  1. Professional evaluation of the infestation, incorporating the full range of causal factors and best solutions.
  2. A written, integrated management plan covering all the actions, equipment, and pesticides they propose to attack your flea infestation.  The plan outlines safety issues if pesticides must be used. Following approval, the integrated management plan is executed to Texoma Pest Management’s exacting standards.
  3. A proposal for on-going management to ensure the fleas don’t come back.

Texoma Pest Management provides the best protection for your home, business, agricultural, or industrial establishment. Protect your family, employees, and clients when you schedule them to rid you of all your pests.

Call Texoma Pest Management at 940-867-3509.