Flies Hide in Winter


Pesky, dirty flies continue their life cycle throughout the winter.  They leave bacteria and germs on every surface they touch.  Keep your family or business safe this winter.

Dirty Flies

A number of fly species found around your home or business carry diseases. Dysentery, tuberculosis, and smallpox are only a few of the almost 25 diseases transmitted by flies. These filthy insects destroy the quiet of your home or business, but a few suggestions can control them this winter.
Remove food sources around your home or business to control outbreaks.

Where do Flies Hide?

For survival in the fall and winter, flies find warmth by hiding in walls and attics of homes and other buildings. They stay primarily inactive until warmer weather.

Organic Fly Control Methods

Extermination of flies from your home or building guarantees you won’t be bothered. Keep in mind, during winter they try extra hard to find a warm place to sleep. Every attempt to exclude them helps when the weather warms.

Good Preventative Measures:
• Plug cracks and holes in your building siding. Caulk windows and doors.
• Check screening on attic ventilation for holes.
• Make holes or vents bug-proof by stuffing plastic scouring pads in piping. It blocks flies but not the ventilation.
• Call Texoma Pest Management in Wichita Falls, Texas to create a Fly Control Plan specifically for you.

Texoma Pest Management’s Fly Control Plan

Texoma Pest Management provides the best fly control plan in Wichita Falls, Texas and the surrounding area. Their professional staff assesses your building with a thorough inspection for access points and fly clusters. They document your insect situation and present a well-documented, control plan.

After your approval, Texoma Pest Management conducts the actions outlined in their assessment. Insecticide use depends upon the situation and your approval.

Fly Maintenance Plan

Texoma Pest Management then presents a proposed maintenance plan to ensure your home or building remains fly free. The plan outlines a proposed schedule of inspections at appropriate intervals. The continued inspection and treatment of your home or business keeps flies away and prevents new clusters from infesting.


Flies hide in your home or building during the winter and attack in early summer. The diseases they carry affect you, your family, or your clients. Be protected and ready with expert fly control.

Call Texoma Pest Management at 940-867-3509 or visit their website by Clicking Here.