Get Ready for Springtime Pests


Flowers explode in an array of color while trees begin to leave.  Birds flitter about as they prepare their nests.  We welcome these yearly signs of spring with anticipation of outdoor fun.  However, spring introduces the onslaught of springtime pests, too.

Pests also explode in spring with new nests and lively infestations.  We soon begin dealing with such pests as fire ants, mice, rats, mosquitoes, and termites, to name a few.  The complete list would continue for several days.  We’re offering a few simple ideas to prepare your home to fight springtime pests.

Preparing for Springtime Pests

Follow these simple steps to prepare for those nasty pests.  They offer you a better opportunity to keep your home or business free from pests.

  • Take a Walk. Walk around the inside of your home or building looking for signs of pests.  Check cabinets, under sinks, and along the edge of the flooring.  Look for droppings you haven’t seen before.
  • Check Your Shoes.  Scorpions, recluses, and other insects love to hibernate in your shoes. Therefore, give them a good shake before putting on shoes you haven’t worn all winter.
  • Call a Professional to Check Confined Spaces.  Pest activity often causes harmful bacteria and spores in the air.  Professionals use proper safety equipment and clothing to inspect the confined spaces in your building.
  • Remove Litter Often.  A good springtime cleanup protects your home or building from pests.  Remove accumulations of litter, including leaves, from the yard and along the outside walls.
  • Check Windows, Doors, and the Foundation for cracks.  Even tiny cracks make the perfect entrance into your home.  Caulk any cracks you see to seal the foundation and walls.
  • Take a Good Look at the Roof.  Look for trash on the roof and check the screens on gable ends and soffits.  Fix loose or broken screens so pests can’t wander in.

Texoma Pest Management, The Professionals

Texoma Pest Management has provided pest management and eradication services in the Texoma area for more than twenty years.  They provide excellent service to rid your property of unwanted springtime pests.

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