Is Your Business Giving Pests
What They Want?

Most business owners agree that poor sanitary conditions offer the perfect breeding ground for any pest.  They don’t understand that pests thrive in the cleanest locations.  People unknowingly transport them from place to place. The best hotels and cleanest offices suffer from pest-related problems because of it.  Bugs and rodents always find their way into premises to make their homes.

If you need help controlling pests, then call the professionals at Texoma Pest Management.  We offer management for your pest control needs.  With 15 years of experience, Texoma Pest Management helps businesses of all types prevent active and future infestations.  Our trained technicians inspect your premises from end to end.  We check every nook and cranny for signs of infestation.

Our team uses a three step process, called AIM, to rid your premises of unwanted pests.  First, we assess your situation and determine your specific needs.  This first, critical step determines the entire treatment process.  Our proactive approach to pest management depends on a thorough inspection.

After creating your personalized treatment plan, we implement it with the latest and most effective treatments. Sprays and bait traps cannot remove most infestations. Wasps and fleas may be removed easily.  However, other pests, such as honey bees and cockroaches, require more difficult means of removal.
Follow-up monitoring of your premises after the initial treatment ensures that infestations don’t return.  If you wan t your business pest-free, then you need our maintenance program.

We guarantee our work because each member of our team undergoes several weeks of training.  Afterward, they take continuing education classes provided by state and private instructors. This keeps them abreast of changes in treatments and regulations.  In this way,  Texoma Pest Management effectively manages your pest control needs.

Answer These Questions About Pests

  • Have you scheduled regular inspections of your business premises?
  • Do you use professionally trained technicians to inspect your office?
  • Does janitorial staff manage your pest infestations?

Infestations could cost your business thousands of dollars in property damage and lost reputation.  Call Texoma Pest Management to evaluate your business.  Our professional staff preserves your reputation and the health and safety of your employees.

If you need help with pests, then call the experts at Texoma Pest Management.