Mice in the Walls

Mice have been the scourge of humans from as far back as the beginning of time, or so it seems. They have always brought pestilence and disease. About the only mouse that has made it to being a “good guy” is Topo Gigio from Ed Sullivan fame.

That little mouse with the cute voice and the beautiful eyes is much different than what my wife and I experienced not too long ago. Thanks to Texoma Pest Management of Wichita Falls, Texas, our story has a happy ending for us, but not for the mice.


The Story

We had recently moved to Wichita Falls and were fortunate to rent a beautiful place in a quiet neighborhood close to the river and surrounded by grass and trees.

It was all quiet until one night when we heard the scurry of little feet in the walls. I wondered what it was, my wife was worried what it was, but I did not give it much thought until the next morning. We found some mouse droppings under the edge of the kitchen cabinets.

Oh, no! We were being invaded by mice, and it was not nice. Now, my wife was not very particular about having those furry things running around our rental house, and I was smart enough not to try to put off dealing with the mice.

But, what to do? We were new in the city and did not know whom to call. A call to the landlord went to voice mail; so off to the next-door neighbor who said, “The only one to call is Texoma Pest Management in Wichita Falls.”

The Recommendation

The neighbor said, “We do not call anyone else. Texoma Pest Management of Wichita Falls does a super job no matter what the pest, and they come almost immediately.

That was a good enough recommendation for me. In about one hour, guess who showed up at our door?

Texoma Pest Management, Wichita Falls

Two technicians from Texoma Pest Management politely introduced themselves, and after a short time, they sat us down to give us the news.

Yes, we had a scurry of mice in the house, and they had found the entry hole under the sink. On the outside of the house, they found a couple of entry points into the house. Then it was time to listen to their plan.

They explained the process for getting rid of the mice, which would not create a health hazard for us. They proposed to use a poison-laced food that would dehydrate the mice and drive them out of the house to look for water.

They said, “You do not want those mice taking their last breaths in the walls.”

The Mice are Gone

Their plan worked while we slept. Within a couple of nights, we had no more mice. The fellows from Texoma Pest Management, Wichita Falls, cleaned everything up, and plugged the entry points into the walls.

In short, this is a story of success; what to do when invaded by mice. Call the experts at Texoma Pest Management, Wichita Falls. In case anything else comes up, they are now on my speed dial.

Thanks to the folks at Texoma Pest Management, Wichita Falls, my wife and I are now snug as bugs in a rug in our new home in Wichita Falls. Oops! Don’t say that too loudly, or we may need Texoma Pest Management, Wichita Falls, again!