Our Friend, the Ladybug


Many species of bug have turned out to be our gardening friends.  They act as natural predators on other bugs that harm us and our gardens. Some of those bugs maintain a beauty unparalleled by other creatures.  The ladybug remains one of everyone’s favorite gardening friends.

Unfortunately, inadequate pest extermination takes out all the bugs, good and bad.  The Ladybug, a good bug, adds charm to our gardens and yet aggressively attacks aphids, which damage gardens and crops.

Ladybug Grub

Ladybugs gorge themselves on all types of aphids.  Therefore, they are important to our homes and agricultural environments.  Actually, any pest with a soft body provides fair game and good food to a Ladybug.  They eat bugs such as mites, whiteflies, and other insects that attack plants.  That makes them critical as a natural predator that helps keep our gardens beautiful and our crops safe.

The spotlight shines on the ladybug of Texas, all 190 different species.  The Lady Beetle, to most of us, bares a beautiful, red-spotted body.  However, not all ladybugs are helpful to their environment.  Therefore, it’s important to know the difference.

Help on the Horizon

People actually buy ladybugs to put in their gardens and on their crops.  If you decide on this course of action, then make sure you choose the correct species.  Many of the species of lady beetle look similar.  An error in identification may lead to the destruction of your garden or loss of your crops.  Don’t just spray and kill the good guys and the bad ones. To determine the good ladies from the bad ladies, call a professional pest control company.

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