Santa Brought a Brand New Mousetrap????


Rat TrapAh, Christmas is coming. I wonder what wonderful surprises my wife is going to have Santa give me this year. I made the mistake a few years ago of buying her a present I thought she would love.

What I didn’t understand is that a pasta maker is not a personal gift. In her culture that’s just not appropriate. Each year now, I suffer as she did. There’s usually a message delivered with each gift.

It Was All My Fault
It was all my fault. I’ll explain. My wife had been after me to contact one of our local pest control companies in Wichita Falls. She could hear mice scurrying around in the night. I thought I could control our rodents. Who needed a rodent exterminator?

I put down a few mouse traps. Those little buggers seemed to know not to go near those. So much for my mouse control efforts. Rodent, TexomaI still saw no reason to call our local rodent exterminator. I used the excuse that I couldn’t hear mice any more. They must have gone elsewhere.

I forgot all about the phrase “Happy wife, happy life.” Guess what Santa left me under the tree? Yes! Santa left me a brand new mousetrap with a note attached!

My Brand New Mousetrap
Trap TexomaThe mousetrap was one of those spring loaded types that have been around, it seems, forever. Actually since 1894 when the first spring-loaded mousetrap hit the market.

The Note
The note said:
You are an excellent husband, but you procrastinate. I can still hear those mice. If I see just one, I’ll be out of this house. I won’t be back until those mice are all gone.”

My wife ended with,
“Don’t delay. Call one of our local pest control companies today. Bring in a rodent exterminator. I suggest you call Texoma Pest Management.”

Who Did I Call?
Of course, I called Texoma Pest Management. We’d used them for an attack on bed bugs. To us, they’re one of the best pest control companies in Wichita Falls, bar none.

Texoma Pest Management doesn’t just handle mouse control. They’re also professionally qualified and provide excellent service for control of all rodents, bed bugs, flying insects, termites, ants, and those terrible cockroaches.

I didn’t delay. I called Texoma Pest Management immediately for the best rodent control. Do you think I wanted my wife to leave our house?

I got my mousetrap and learned my lesson about procrastination and rodent control. I won’t delay anymore. I’ll always call the best pest control company in Wichita Falls, Texoma Pest Management.

Learn from my experience. If you need the best rodent or other pest control, call Texoma Pest Management today at [940-867-3509] or contact them through the website by Clicking Here.

Call now. You’ll be glad you did.Xmas Mouse, Texooma

Merry Christmas to all from the whole team at Texoma Pest Management. We wish you a pest-free Christmas.

(Hmmm, maybe this year it’ll be a vacuum cleaner. Vaccuum. TexomaNow, that would hurt.)