Springtime Warning Signs of Pest Invasion


Five Warning Signs of Pests

As warmer weather approaches, pests begin to awaken and move into our homes and businesses.  These pests attack food, chew wiring, and wreak havoc in your home, sometimes leaving toxic bacteria that seriously affects your health.

Name Those Pests

Pests appear in many forms.  They walk with multiple legs, fly, dig, and ride in on your indoor and outdoor activities.  They include termites, mice, rats, fleas, spiders, mites, caterpillars, fire ants, cinch bugs, mosquitoes, and many more.

Don’t let pests move into your home.  Look for these five warning signs that pests have begun to infest your life.

Five Warning Signs

  1. Listen:  Pests may be quiet, but not completely silent.  Since pests are most active at night, turn off any noise distraction in order to hear them.  Listen carefully and you will be able to hear them moving around.  You may hear them in the walls or in the ceiling, pitter-pattering around.
  2. Smell:  Most pests leave some sort of smell.  It may be musty and obnoxious.  You’re smelling either the pest, itself, or the droppings.
  3. Nests:  Most pests build nests in the dark recesses or attic of your home. Once established, the pests stay there.  They settle where they feel safe, warm, comfortable, and close to a source of food.
  4. Chew Marks:  Pests love to chew on walls, furniture, and wiring.  Look for minute chew marks on furniture.  Wiring that once worked, but doesn’t now, may have been chewed and shorted out.
  5. Strange Messes on the Floor or Wall:  Many of us spot rodent droppings easily enough.  Smaller pests leave different types of droppings.  Watch for odd splotches on walls or furniture.  This may be the leavings of different pests that need stopped.

Now What?

If you found evidence of pests or suspect their presence, then don’t panic.  In the Wichita Falls, Texas area, there’s a company ready to take control of your pest problem.  Texoma Pest Management handles residential, agricultural, governmental, and commercial pest management.  Their twenty years of experience delivers quality, cost-effective results.  They AIM to please with their own program.  Texoma Pest Management assesses, implements, and maintains your pests.

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