Termites Pest Control

You’ve found signs of termites in your building. What can you do? There are many stories about how dangerous the crawly critters can be to your building. Can it all be true? You’ve heard it costs a lot of money to bring in an exterminator. You begin to think maybe this is a project you can Do Yourself.

To get some answers to the many questions about termites, we turned to Kevin Brasket of Texoma Pest Management in Wichita Falls, Texas to provide some advice about terminating termites.

Who Is Kevin Brasket?

Kevin Brasket grew up thinking of bugs. All creepy and crawly beasties lead Kevin to consider a career in pest management. With plenty of training and practical experience, Texoma Pest Management grew out of the desire to be the best of the best. They help people protect their buildings and families from all manner of pests in the Texoma area.

Do I Terminate Termites Now?

Kevin Brasket has more than 20 years’ experience battling bugs as an exterminator. Kevin’s response was, “Absolutely yes. Don’t delay. Termites can do terrible damage which is very costly to fix.”

Termites are pretty sneaky. They also have strong mandibles for chewing. You may not see their damage. It’s usually hidden behind your walls or deep under your floor where one doesn’t usually look.

If you’re looking for some good news, it’s estimated that one termite would take about 9,000 years to eat all the wood in a 3,000 square foot building.

The bad news is, termites don’t live alone. Their colonies reach up to fifteen million insects. Consider that only a small percentage may do the chewing. The rest of the colony clean, guard, and care for the queen. One colony of fifteen million could eat that same 3,000 square foot building in a few months.

Isn’t Extermination Expensive?

Do you look at insurance as expensive? Maybe you do, but it’s a necessity. There is much we don’t like to do or pay for. We do it because it’s a necessity we can’t get caught without.

If you have termites, you’ll end up having some major expenses. Calling Texoma Pest Management is the best insurance in this case. They’re the best at controlling or exterminating harmful termites. You need them before you have to repair the harm caused by those pests.

Kevin Brasket states, “Bringing in the best for your pest management is your insurance. The job will be done right.”

Save your building from termites and request the experts in extermination by filling out the Request Form on the website. Every day you wait is putting more of your building into the mouths of those nasty termites.

If you have termites in need of extermination, call Texoma Pest Management at 940-867-3509. They’ll terminate your termites now.