Termite Damage is Hidden Damage

Termite Frass

Termite Basics

 Termite damage sometimes costs home owners their life savings.  Many species of termite are indigenous to Texas, but a few imported themselves from other places across the globe.  Unless your home is constructed without wood, at some point, termites cause damage.

If you don’t keep an eye out for tell-tale signs, you won’t know your home is being attacked. Subterranean termites build mounds.  Others simply sneak in above or under your home through cracks.  Either way, the termite damage could be invisible to you until your home or office is destroyed.

The annual cost of damage to homes and business throughout the United States is estimated at five billion dollars.  Most insurance policies don’t cover termite damage repair.

 Termite Damage

 Termites attack any wood product anywhere they find it.  Consider the potential areas in your home termites could attack:

  • Roof line- termites quickly chew through support beams, plywood sub-roofing, and wood roofing material.
  • Wall studs and wood wall coverings- termites devour the inside of your walls. IF you cover the inside of your home with paneling, they attack that too!
  • Flooring-they chew through sub-flooring, floor beams, and hardwood flooring as well.  You may be walking on a colony of termites, enjoying your floor, and not even know it.

Once termites invade your home, they could destroy it in short order.  Ever wonder what that small mound of dust is behind that special cabinet?  Chances are, you’re looking at termite frass.

 Call for Help

 If you think your home may be infested, then call the termite and pest management experts.  Kevin Braskett of Texoma Pest Management has been eradicating termites for more than twenty years in the Texoma area.  He advises, “Call us before you have a termite problem.  We would rather keep termites away than eradicate them.  You would rather have it that way, too!”

Texoma Pest Management serves the Texoma area of Texas, providing a three-step approach to pest management and termite eradication.  They assess the problem, provide a plan to eradicate them, then follow up with regular maintenance to suit their client’s needs.

Call Texoma Pest Management at 940-867-3509.