Termites Will Eat Your Assets


Don’t Let Termites Eat Your Assets


We take pride in our homes and buildings and protect them.  We certainly don’t want termites to eat our assets.  Termites and termite control is a constant battle.  This especially true due to the imported termites in the Wichita Falls and Texoma area of Texas.

Talk about Termites

In Texas, there are five major species of termites that will gladly eat your assets if you don’t employ effective termite control.  Each species has characteristics that make it unique, requiring appropriately focused treatments for termite control.  The five species are:

  1. Arid-Land Subterranean Termites live in arid or desert regions, and can be identified by their large, sand dune colonies.  They typically feed on creosote and grasswood bushes.  If the opportunity arises, they’ll gladly eat your wooden buildings.
  2. Eastern Subterranean Termites create havoc causing millions of dollars in damage in our areas.  It’s estimated that 20% of the homes and buildings in the area will face attack,
  3. Formosan Subterranean Termites are an import from China and are considered the worst in our area.  These termites create immense nests with millions of termites.  They look for any wood structure to feed on.  They can quickly devour any wood structure.  In a very short timeframe, they are able to cause significant damage.
  4. Desert Dampwood Termites are an arid land species of termite that attacks wood at or below ground level.  Trees, shrubs, fence posts or any wood in contact with the ground are especially vulnerable to this species.
  5. Western Drywood Termites usually live in small colonies of 2,000 to 3,000 termites.  Multiple colonies act together to create significant damage.  Typically, termites enter the end of a piece of wood and feed across the grain.  Damage is usually light unless they’re left to spread for a number of years.

The bottom line, don’t allow termites to eat your assets.  Hire effective termite control with a management plan.  The best company around is Texoma Pest Management.

What Will Texoma Pest Management Do?

Texoma Pest Management will provide an effective plan for termite control at an affordable rate.  Their work includes:

  • Appropriate identification of the species attacking your assets.
  • Development of a plan for termite control specific to your situation.
  • A management plan for termite control in the future

Don’t Let Termites Eat Your Assets

If you think you have a problem with termites in your home or place of business, call the best in pest control services.  Call Texoma Pest Management in Wichita Falls, Texas today. That one call will stop all your worries with their effective termite control and maintenance plan.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing your home or building is secure from termites.

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