The Department of State Health Services

The Department of State Health Services in Vernon, Texas is thankful to Texoma Pest Management for helping them when pests had become a problem too big for the average pest control company.

Pest management at the Department of State Health Services had been unable to rid the kitchen of roaches. Several other infestations were left uncontrolled. The surface area was sprayed occasionally, but the root of the problem remained and the roaches continued to return.

Kevin educates his customers! – Mary Appleby, Texas HHS


The owner of Texoma Pest Management, Kevin Brasket, had reached out to Marty Appleby asking about becoming a contractor for the Department of State Health Services. Kevin demonstrated his wealth of knowledge and good strong work ethic through the presentation he offered to the board. A contract was accepted, and Kevin began his AIM program.

Assessment: Kevin went into the structure to discover the root of the problem. He quickly diagnosed the problem areas and explained how the infestations could best be controlled. The clients were educated about the reasons for the problem and how to stop the infestation.

Implementation: The Department of State Health Services was very impressed with Texoma Pest Management when they came in with a new method and new type of chemical. The results were quick and successful.

Monitoring: Kevin continues to be understanding of the needs of the Department of State Health Services. Texoma Pest Management has far exceeded their expectations.

How does the Department of State Health Services feel about Kevin Brasket and Texoma Pest Management?

Marty Appleby had a brilliant answer:

“Kevin has the type of business that brings in a wealth of knowledge. Whenever he does a job, not only does he take care of pest management, he also educates the customer as to why they are having the problem and how to better self-control the problem. He does outstanding work, and I can’t say enough good things about him.”

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