The Job of the Exterminator


A number of significant pest problems exist in the Wichita Falls and Texoma areas.  They cause substantial damage to your home or business, as well as, pose considerable health risks.

At one time, we only heard about fire ants.  Now, we see them everywhere.  In addition, evidence of termites, bedbugs, flies, and cockroaches appears constantly.  If you want to get rid of these daily pest problems, then call a licensed exterminator.

An untrained individual lacks the skills and expertise needed to deal with these issues.  However, if you call Texoma Pest Management, then they handle all your pest problems.


One of the requirements a licensed exterminator needs involves classroom study and apprenticeship.  The professional acquires licenses specific for residential and commercial applications.  They study and know the types of pests an exterminator may address.

A professional exterminator trains to identify and exterminate or remove pests.  Handling chemicals correctly on the job is another area a professional knows.  They train specifically for job safely and accuracy.

The Job

Exterminators keep your home or business safe from pests.  Some of the features of Texoma Pest Management consist of:

  • Identifying the particular pests. Then, making decisions about the requirements to adequately exterminate or remove them with a thorough Assessment.
  • Addressing the client’s concerns in order to reduce the stress created by a pest infestation.
  • Developing an Implementation Plan for extermination or removal which considers the surroundings, the chemicals needed, and the treatment methods. Every treatment ensures the safety of personnel and buildings.
  • Performing the Implementation Plan.
  • Offering a monthly, scheduled Management Plan to keep pests away.

The Results

Pests in the Wichita Falls area create significant damage and health concerns.  A professional, fully-trained exterminator eradicates pests safely.  Texoma Pest Management offers their three-step system designed specifically for your business.

Take the first step.  Give Texoma Pest Management a call at 940-867-3509.