The Rats Are Back in Wichita Falls!


The dog found some dead rats in the air vent.  My mom had complained, then Dad had tried to take care of the smell infiltrating our home.  As soon as the air had cleared, the smell came back. Dad informed Mom it was time to call a good pest control company to help manage our rat infestation.

The Pest Control Company

I felt pretty proud when Dad asked me if I had any friends whose parent worked for a pest control company in Wichita Falls, Texas.  I made a suggestion, but when Dad called, the company responded with, “Maybe in a week.”

Then Mom came through.  She said, “My friend, Ethyl, swears by them.  She has them scheduled with a regular pest management plan at their house, and they have no pests.”

When Dad called, the folks at Texoma Pest Management said they would be right over.

Texoma Pest Management

Texoma Pest Management came when they said they would and went to work to find the rats.  They assessed the problem and found we had a full-blown infestation.

Following their assessment, they provided mom and dad a written plan for their approval to get rid of the rats and keep them away.  The folks from Texoma Pest Management explained the benefits of regular pest management.  Dad like the idea so much, he signed our home up and asked them to check his business.

Dad’s Business

Dad’s business was affected by rats.  Texoma Pest Management cleared away the rats, and Dad now claims them as his premiere pest control company in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Just like our home, Dad signed for regular pest management at his business.

Call Texoma Pest Management

Do what my dad did, and call Texoma Pest Management for your pest control problems.  They manage rats in your home or agricultural, commercial, or industrial space.  Call them today at 940-867-3509.