Unfortunate Fire Ant Encounter

Fire Ant Invasion

Fire Ants hit the shores of the United States in the 1930’s and have gradually moved north from the Gulf of Mexico. With no natural predators, they now inhabit about 75% of Texas. They cause serious pest control problems in Wichita Falls, Texas.

These extremely aggressive ants, when provoked, swarm and attack. The Fire Ant bite is very painful and, in some cases, results in allergic reaction that could be fatal. In conjunction with their dangerous bite, they switch from carnivorous behavior to herbivore easily.

Fire ants are very difficult to kill. They’re prolific breeders, causing their colonies to expand quickly usually to 200,000 ants. When the colony becomes too large, some ants leave with a new queen to begin the process again.


When an employee or client enters your office with blisters caused by these little devils, you know you have a problem. To get rid of the fire ants, call Texoma Pest Management of Wichita Falls, Texas. They’re experts in pest control and the best to manage your infestation.

You used their services earlier to rid your building of some nasty rodents. You appreciated their fast, friendly, and professional service.


Texoma Pest Management goes to work and removes the fire ants. You now feel safe because you accepted the ongoing, preventative Maintenance Plan. That means their professional staff continually investigates for pest infestations and blocks potential entry points to keep pests out.

The AIM Program

Texoma Pest Management provides professional staff and the experience that effectively exterminates and manages fire ant or pest infestations. They understand the taxonomy of ants and the special pest control requirements needed to effectively eliminate ants and pests from your business.

When you call Texoma Pest Management, they arrive quickly. They present their three-point plan, which includes:

• Assessment Investigation. Outlining the extent of the problem and the risks.

• Implementation Plan. Includes details of treatments and scheduling, personnel and their qualifications, and data safety sheets for the chemical products they may use.

• Maintenance Plan. Protects your facility in the future from active infestations with ongoing Maintenance at your convenience.

Texoma Pest Management is the premier pest management company in Wichita Falls. Let them deal with your fire ant infestation.

Call Texoma Pest Management at 940-867-3509.