What Can be Done About Pesky Flies?

That is a pretty heady question, and one that the owners of a number of the restaurants in Wichita Falls, Texas should have asked before their customers started to complain. The weather turned right and out came those filthy flies.

Having visited a number of restaurants over the past few weeks, they all had the same pest control problem. There were filthy flies everywhere! Then, Saturday morning I decided to try a new restaurant for coffee and toast and guess what; no flies!

My immediate question to the server was, “Where are the flies?”

With a chuckle he said, “We learned a long time ago that the only company for effective pest control in Wichita Falls, Texas is Texoma Pest Management.

Pest Control For Flies

Was it Ever Nice

Was it ever nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a morning coffee and toast without having to fight continually with flies? We all know that flies are filthy, and I was very happy to have toast that flies had not touched.

Flies land in the most unlikely places – such as your garbage bin or that dog feces just outside in the yard. Landing on your food can transfer all those bad germs right to the food you were going to put in your mouth.

Did you also know flies do not have bladder control, and they spit on your food? The common filthy fly has a mouth like a straw. They spit on your food, mash it around with their feet, and then suck it up into their mouths. All the while, going to the bathroom on your food.

Having flies around does not make it very appetizing for eating your food and more than a good enough reason to bring in the right company for pest control in Wichita Falls, Texas, Texoma Pest Management. The server said, “Texoma Pest Management knows how to handle those filthy flies, and they deal with all our pest control problems.”

The Proof is in The Pudding

The “proof is in the pudding,” and these folks have the evidence that Texoma Pest Management knows how to deal with pest control in Wichita Falls, Texas. I asked the server why he thought Texoma Pest Management was successful with pest control when others were not?

His response was straightforward. “It is because of their highly qualified people and their three-pronged approach to solving all pest control problems.”

Three-Pronged Approach to Pest Control

The server explained the four-pronged approach taken by Texoma Pest Management, Wichita Falls, Texas, to addressing all pest control issues. He said, “It is simple but effective and is designed to makes sure that we all know what is going to happen and when.” He continued, “Texoma Pest Management does an initial assessment of the pest control problem. They develop an attack plan, carry out the plan that has been approved, and finally, present a follow-up plan to deal with any pest control issue before it becomes a problem.”

A Return Visit

The following week, I returned to the same restaurant to see if the flies had returned. They had not, and the server smiled and asked, “Checking on the flies and our pest control?”

He added a little humor to a serious issue for us all. Flies are filthy, and no one wants them on their food. I thanked him for the advice on Texoma Pest Management, Wichita Falls, Texas and told him, “I now have them controlling any pest control problems in my business and home.”

The Result

Like the restaurant without the flies, I learned there is only one pest management company that handles pest control problems in Wichita Falls, Texas. That is Texoma Pest Management. They not only did an excellent pest control job for the restaurant but have already made my business and home safer places to live, work, and play. Their three-pronged approach to pest control is working effectively and efficiently with all of my pest control problems.

Thanks to Texoma Pest Management for dealing with our pest control problems in Wichita Falls, Texas and making our lives just a little bit better.